Why Choose Mortgage Rate Canada’s Mortgage Products?

At Mortgage Rate Canada we don’t see our job as helping you to get a mortgage, our job is to help you own your home sooner. We do this by matching your home ownership wants and needs with the appropriate Canadian mortgage products lender and mortgage products. Quickly, easily, and with the savings and protection you deserve.
    • We work for YOU, not the bank
    • We have more selection to meet your needs
    • We do the negotiating to get you the best rate
    • We treat you as a person, not a number
    • You’ll get the best deal up front, every time
    • We will match the best rate and terms out there

Mortgage Advantage

Unlike a bank, we have the freedom to provide you with the best mortgage interest rates available the first time, without having to negotiate. Obligated by law, but motivated by the desire to help you achieve homeownership with savings and security, we will always act in your best interest. We’re also free from the pressure imposed by strictly commission-based structures, so we have the time to really understand your needs and provide you with more personalized mortgage services.

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