Although this is really a general misconception, it’s one of the main reasons why people are afraid to fill out our online application. This reasoning can be justified. Even if an application appears to be secure, it doesn’t mean your data, once received, will remain secure. My office takes great steps to ensure that your personal information is safe during the transmission and forever afterwards.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology built-in to our online mortgage application uses military grade 128-bit encryption. To decipher the information sent to our secure document management system would be extremely unlikely to say the least. Even if someone manages to filter out your information from the gigabytes of spam and other useless data that is clogging the Internet at any moment, it would still take them vast network of powerful computers a lifetime to crack.

And unlike many other online transactions, we do not require your credit card or Social Insurance Number in order to perform our service.

You’ll lose your house if something ever happened to your mortgage broker.

The mortgage broker only administers your mortgage. Most mortgage lenders will include your mortgage in a pool that is secure by another institution. Even if the mortgage lender stops operation or changes hands your mortgage is still active and safe.

This statement is generally false for the majority of the ‘lending’ institutions in Canada, although there are the exceptions. But if you can’t see that ‘tree’ through the forest, you just may have a few mortgage lenders soliciting you.

CanEquity Mortgage has adopted a ‘no spam – no popup’ policy and we DO NOT resell your information. You will never be solicited by email or subjected to any type of questionable marketing or spamming techniques. If you ever receive spam that appears to have originated from one of our servers or email accounts, call our 24-hour web support line and we will investigate it immediately. The toll free number is 1.888.818.4262.


Maybe twenty years ago. Today, mortgage brokers are just like insurance brokers and today we have many more products available then all the major banks combined.

When you go to your bank to secure a mortgage, it must go through certain channels before being approved. Some banks will even pre-approve someone without taking an accurate look at the file. This is misleading and time consuming and it happens often with the big banks. CanEquity Mortgage assesses your situation thoroughly and can almost immediately tell you what you are eligible for. After a brief analysis we can determine where your mortgage request will be best suited. Most of our lenders can have an answer back in less than 24 hours. Half the time of your chartered bank or credit union can.

Completely False. Mortgage brokers in Canada do not have to charge fees simply because we are paid by the lenders. Unlike the big banks, most of the lenders we access do not have full-time salaried mortgage specialists on staff. Nor do they have to cover the high cost of advertising on television, sending out junk mail, or printing thousands brochures to clutter up their teller stations. Or lenders simply rely on the expertise of mortgage brokers to connect their product to the public.